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Where should we come?, what should we eat - drink? or what we can buy here?. It's the most important question whenever you travel somewhere.
If you are the first time in Quang Binh - just should'nt pass Dong Hoi city with many special things to do.

Taking a city tour, or enting a bycle, motorbike with cheap price to go around is so easy, see the city with it's peace and quite. There are some famous place and historicsites you can take a look:
Try some cup of Dong Hoi coffee, some kind off local food at special coffee shops in architecture, range, taste...
And street food...

1. Quang Binh Quan - the Symbol of Quang Binh province.

quang binh quan 2quang binh quan 1

Bulited in 1631 belong Luy Thay citadel system. It all made by soil and stock- one special architecture of Nguyen King period remain.
2. Nhat Le beach

bien nhat le 1   bai bien nhat le  
Still pure nature but long and slow, clearning water, big sand area - Nhat Le beach is one destination worthy for chosing.

3.  Tam Toa Church
tam tòa  thap chuong nha tho tam toa
Built with Portugal architecture in 1886. It was be the most beautiful church in Vietnam at that time but now only the ruins.

4. Nhat Le River - Bao Ninh peninsula

bảo ninh

  song nhat le

5. Luy Thay citadel.
luy thay 400 nam con mot chut nay 1   QuangBinhthanhLuyThayTTXVN

With other Name - Dao Duy Tu Citadel, built in 1630 by order of Nguyen Phuc Nguyen King to against the enemy invasion from the North by Trinh King. In this stage Vietnam was devided two part: the North and the South by two King and boundary was Danh river. 

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